How does it work?

It is necessary to think about training (what I want or need to drill with the team), then create new or search already saved drills, create a training plan, print the prepared training or save it to the tablet (in PDF). Now I can go for training.

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Select the type of playground, draw a drill scheme (more than one if you want), add a title, keywords and text description, categorize the drills by focus and age, you can also save a video to your drill.

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Practice plans

Create a new practice plan, add a title, date and time of the practice, select a category, add a text comment to the entire practice and then easily add drills. Newly created or previously saved.

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Special functions

Do you want to animate the drill? No problem. Tired of looking for drills by title? Search the browser as shown. Would you like to prepare a training in the gym? Activate the relevant symbols. And much more.


Just PC or

Drills and practice plans are easily prepared in your PC or laptop. Build a drill tray to save some time while preparing a practice. Besides DrillBook allows you to easily share data with your colleagues.

It couldn't be easier, now!

Pencil, paper and
old exercise book?

Do you remember that amazing drill you “scribbled” years ago and now it could be so damn good? But where is it? So you don't have to worry about it anymore! All your drills and practice plans are safety stored in your computer. You will never lose them again.

Break your pencil, DrillBook is here!

In a nutshell

Drills, practice plans, audio, video, animations are sure thing. But DrillBook can do much more! Take a look at some other interesting features.


Customize the application to your needs

Customize your DrillBook to your needs. Pick a sport, playground, player symbols, curves and objects you want to work with. Don't forget about special gym module.


Work with movies

Are you recording you training or looking for drills on Youtube? No problem. Simply save the video link and attach it to your drill. Just like and audio commentary.


Get the most out of it

Numbering and colors of a player symbols, curves colors, selectable settings of the drawing panel, multiple drawings for one drill, gym module, player figures (football) etc.


Search in drill browser

Without effective way of browsing it is not possible. In Drillbook it's possible to search in categories and sub-categories (which you create accordingly to your needs), by name or drawings.


Download, install and try DrillBook for free.

    • Trial


      • Trial version for 30 days
      • Support (30 days)
      • Unlimited No. of drills
      • Limited functions
      • System requirement: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Premium

      Coming in 2020

      • License for 2 PCs
      • Updates
      • Support
      • Unlimited No. of drills
      • Unlimited functions
      • Cloud space
      • System requirement: Windows 7, 8, 10


Counting. We are counting, because we are interested how is DrillBook used, what users like, what they need, want to add or to improve.
Valid as of January 1st 2020.


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